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Who is it for

This site is for job candidates in search of employment and employers looking to hire new employees, or not they share the same geographic location.

Our goals

We seek to use to connect job candidates to employers without the limitations of borders.


XXXXXXX connects job candidates to employers free of charge through the entire world. We also provide free publicity to job candidates and employers who have their own website.

Languages quickly and easily translates all the pages on our website into all of the languages we have available, including the content of job candidate curricula vitae (Cv), employer profiles as well as job offers and job requests.
We will not be able to translate the personal documents attached nor the personal observations of the users.

How it works

In order to enjoy all of our services, job candidates have to register in our database by filling out a complete curriculum vitae (Cv). All visitors to our website can consult candidate Cvs, including those who are not registered in our database. However, personal information is considered confidential and will be kept hidden (last names, first name, address, telephone numbers, previous employer references, e-mail, etc.). This is done to prevent the identification of job candidates without their expressed consent. Also, only registered job candidates can send their complete Cv using, whether they do it at the request of an employer or from their own initiative.

In order to enjoy all of the services provided by, employers must register by filling out an "employer profile". Registered employers can publish job offers which can be seen by anyone visiting the website. They can also request the complete CVs of registered job candidates. In both the "employer profile" and their job offers, registered employers can choose to specify the name of their company or keep it hidden if they wish to keep their identity confidential.

Migration information

The process of obtaining a "visa" varies from one country to another and can go from a personalized selection process to an award by lottery. Authorities in many countries that receive immigrants will often allow for the hiring of foreigners whose professions are considered to be "difficult to cover" by the current employment situation inside their borders. Nevertheless, hiring priority is generally given to legal residents and citizens that are part of the same job market (for example: the Schengen Area in the European Union).

In so far as some job positions cannot be covered by residents or citizens of a common job market, employers may be authorized to start the process of a pre-contract which will establish a base for the granting of a work visa and afterwards a job position and legal residence in the host country. Anyone interested can learn more about the legal requirements for hiring in certain countries by viewing the "links" provided by is at your service

  • is the portal of jobs without frontiers for the registered candidates!
    Their CV details are listed in our worldwide database!
  • is the portal of jobs without frontiers for employers!
    Their information and their job offers are listed in our worldwide database!
  • works for highly-specialized job candidates as well as those who just have a willingness to work and learn.
  • works for job candidates that speak several languages as well as for those who only speak their native tongue.
  • works for handicapped job candidates because they also have the right to find a decent job.
  • is a multi-lingual website. The information provided by job candidates and employers, such as their work field, job history, nationality, country of residence, educational background, languages, work experience, etc. can be translated into the languages used on our website.

The information contained in a CV, an employer's profile, a job offer or other pages in our website can all be instantly translated into other languages by clicking on "language change" and choosing a new language. Information such as names and last names, as well as messages exchanged between job candidates and employers will not be translated by our system. is a website run by a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team of highly-qualified professionals in business administration, human resources, international law, economics, immigration, translation and computer science. They contribute to the success of from their locations in Europe, Africa, North America, as well as Central and South America.